Workshop on Energy Decarbonization in Ghana


The workshop on Energy Decarbonization in Ghana aimed to address the challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions associated with transitioning towards sustainable and low-carbon energy systems in Ghana. The workshop was organized in collaboration with UENR and AAMUSTED as part of the ENCLUDE Work Package 3 case study in Africa. Participants at the workshop included students, representatives from the energy sector, policymakers, academia, and civil society.

The overall goal of the workshop was to foster a multi-stakeholder dialogue to raise awareness about the importance of transitioning to low-carbon energy sources, share knowledge and experiences on successful decarbonization initiatives, identify barriers and opportunities for accelerating the adoption of renewable energy technologies, and facilitate collaboration and partnerships among stakeholders to drive impactful change in the energy sector.

Roundtable discussions during the workshop were on various topics such as renewable energy policies, technology innovation, investment opportunities, and community engagement. These discussions were based on a master thesis research carried out by two students on contextualizing energy citizenship in Ghana. The discussions allowed participants to engage in-depth and generate insights and recommendations for advancing energy decarbonization efforts.

The outcomes of the workshop also included a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with energy decarbonization in Ghana, the identification of priority areas for action and collaboration, the formulation of recommendations for policymakers and industry leaders, and the establishment of new partnerships and networks to facilitate ongoing dialogue and cooperation on energy-related issues. The establishment of a student-led Energy Steward Club at AAMUSTED was proposed to promote awareness of energy efficiency and usage within the university community, linking back to the ENCLUDE Academy and the overall goal of energy user engagement towards inclusive decarbonization.

Leading media houses in Ghana have reported news reports from the workshop on their website and news bulletins: