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Roundtable organised by ENCLUDE at the GREDIT conference in Skopje


Fellow ENCLUDEr Vanja Djinlev organised on 24 May 2024 a roundtable at the GREDIT conference in Skopje. The session was a discussion and feedback session on the outcomes of four EU funded projects on energy citizenship. The recommendations of these projects (ENCLUDE, EnergyProspects, EC2, dialogues) have been synthesized in a joint policy brief entitled “Energy Citizenship in the Making” and has been presented to EU policy actors in Brussels. The aim of this session was to understand the relevance of such a policy orientation for the energy transition in the Balkan (WB6) region. The following questions have been addressed during the session:

  • In what ways do these recommendations have to account for the specific context of this region?
  • How might some of these recommendations need to be adapted to be relevant for the Balkan (WB6 region)?
  • What can we learn about the universality of energy citizenship as a concept based on this?

An introduction was provided by Prof. Dr. BinBin Pearce while Mr. Vanja Djinlev acted as a moderator. Panelists included:

  • Representative of the first energy community in North Macedonia (Ms. Sofija Dukoska)
  • Representative of research/industry boundary (Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov)
  • Representative from Eko-svest (Ms. Elena Nikolovska)
  • Representative from the regulatory energy commission (Mr. Marko Bislimovski)
  • Representative from academia (Prof. Dr. Zoran Markov)