New report on the decarbonisation impact of energy citizenship at the local level


Τhe Horizon 2020 ENCLUDE project aims at operationalizing the concept of energy citizenship and understand the multi-scale relationship between its various forms and decarbonization pathways across diverse contexts, with a view to provide appropriate decision-support through the application of appropriate modeling frameworks. A new report by ENCLUDE aims to extract insights regarding the decarbonization potential of energy citizenship at the local level based on three modelling studies.

First, we examined whether a people-powered transition based on citizen investments in small-scale PV systems can support a green transition by 2050 in the European Union’s residential sector. To this end, we used the DREEM model to project the annual electricity demand and electricity production from rooftop PV systems across 11 cities in 5 Member States. Second, we studied three Collective Energy Initiatives set in very different contexts in order to explore and understand the workings underlying their growth and diffusion to a larger population. Finally, focusing on the coal- and carbon-intensive region of Megalopolis in Greece, we tested whether a citizen-led transition based on energy efficiency investments as well as on lifestyle and behavioral changes can lead to a just and inclusive transition.

More details on the findings and methodology of the study can be found in the full report.