ENCLUDE's typology of Energy Citizenship(s) is out!


In October 2023, ENCLUDE released a report on a comprehensive typology of citizenship in the energy domain. It presents a scoping literature review on energy citizenship and related ideas and the results of a comprehensive engagement of citizens, practitioners and experts through a mixed methods approach involving surveying, in-depth interviewing and asynchronous email interviews.

A typology of energy citizenship is presented comprising four categories of ‘access to energy’, ‘energy consumption’, ‘energy production’, and ‘politics and governance’. Fifteen expressions of energy citizenship were described, three under the first category, and four in each of the others.

Along with its companion publication (D2.1), the report will contribute to the ongoing discourse (including with peer projects) on the role of citizenship in the energy transition and the meaning and value of energy citizenship.

The report is publicly available and can be downloaded from the links below, along with its companion publication (D2.1).

D2.2 - Typology of Energy Citizenship(s)

D2.1 - Report on Intersectional Analysis of Emerging Examples of Energy Citizenship