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ENCLUDE at the “YES-EUROPE” Annual Conference


Our partner, George Xexakis will attend and present ENCLUDE at the “YES-Europe” Annual Conference, in Athens, Greece on the 21st of April, 2023. ENCLUDE team will participate in “The cities in the sustainable future” session discussing the decarbonization pathways, energy citizenship narratives as well as some pertinent outputs from energy initiatives and communities case studies.

YES-Europe (Young Leaders in Energy and Sustainability) is a pan-European non-profit organization with the aim of creating a community/network of young scientists - active either in academia or business - who work on the topics of energy transition and sustainable development. The organization's members come from different sectors and countries, with a vision of a world where energy is more sustainable, accessible, and secure for all.

YES-Europe, counting over 3000 members in over 17 European countries, is moving forward with the implementation of projects related to informing and networking with young people about energy policy issues, but also about their participation in the transition process in a sustainable and fair manner. The organization manages to gather interest through international or regional events that it organizes, while the principle of its research groups is to strengthen the position of young people, within the framework that governs the energy transition as a whole. In this context, the organization operates largely through the local teams it maintains at a national level. One of them is the YES-Europe Greece team, which, as part of the pan-European network, develops its own projects. The main event of YES is its Annual Conference, which is organized every year by a different local group and hosted in the corresponding country. Thus, for 2023, the Greek part has undertaken the organization, in collaboration with the company Resilient Planet, and the conference will take place between April 21-23 in Athens.

As part of the conference program, the topics that will be developed concern the following pillars:

- Energy transition and RES

- Climate crisis and inequalities

- Sustainable development and entrepreneurship (a reference to ESG criteria)

- The role of young people in sustainable development

- The role of women in the energy and sustainability sectors

- Innovation and entrepreneurship

For the conference, you can find more information at the following link: