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ENCLUDE at the 14th Citizens’ Energy Forum


The 14th Citizens Energy Forum took place in Dublin, Ireland on the 24th of November 2022. Our partners, BinBin Pearce and Niall Dunphy were there. Energy is an essential good and its security has been heavily impacted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has contributed to an unprecedented rise in energy prices that is hitting the European population. Compared to previous editions, that forum featured an enhanced citizen focus, taking stock of the actions of individuals and local actors to help citizens prepare for the difficult winter ahead, and considering what can be further done once the winter starts. The forum focused on middle-income and low-income consumers and on solutions that they can have access to.

Interesting presentations and discussions on providing inputs on energy consumer and citizen’s issues to tackle energy poverty and the current energy crisis were presented. Among many interesting projects, Maja Clemmensen presented the impact of the Danish district heating project for low-income areas "Solarhouse" from 2008 till now. Danish consumers participating in the project have not been so affected by price hikes because the source of heat from such cooperatives is inherently diversified and supplemented with solar thermal. Another fascinating presentation from a policy maker from Puglia, Italy was related to a scheme for countering the current energy crisis by giving 6000-8400 EUR to low-income households for the installation of solar panels.