Scientific Publications

July 2022
Xexakis, G.
Polutanou, G.
Okur, Ö.
Minkman, E.
Antwi, S. H.
Lieu, J.
Pearce, B.
2022 13th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems & Applications (IISA)
Co-designing an interactive data platform for contextualizing the role of citizens on energy and low-carbon transitions
Short description

Citizens are expected to play a significant role to the current energy transition in Europe, such as through prosumerism and collective initiatives for energy efficiency. While there are many platforms for domestic energy analytics and for engaging citizens and transition stakeholders on energy topics, context-specific information is frequently lacking. This article outlines the development of an Interactive Policy Platform that aims to provide contextualized, impact-driven, and ready-to-use information on the role of citizen initiatives in the energy and low-carbon transition in Europe. Specifically, it will help researchers, policymakers, and citizens to explore different dimensions of energy citizenship, understand the decarbonization potentials of diverse clusters of citizens, and identify the conditions under which citizen-led energy initiatives are currently operating. The Platform will be co-designed together with a sample of its future users, ensuring the usability of its interface and the relevance of the provided information. Ultimately, the Platform is envisioned to help transition stakeholders understand and support initiatives related to energy citizenship around Europe, thus contributing to the EU’s promise of a just and inclusive decarbonization.