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Help H2020 DECIDE project explore collective energy actions!


The H2020 DECIDE project aims to research and understand the conditions (social, economical, regulatory) needed for successful European wide roll-out of collective energy actions, such as energy communities. ENCLUDE will collaborate and organize synergetic activities with DECIDE in order to share findings and disseminate lessons learned and best practices.

DECIDE conducts a survey to explore collective energy actions across Europe. The questions are related to social, organizational, regulatory and technical aspects of energy communities and collective energy actions. The outcomes of this survey will be presented in upcoming DECIDE deliverables and in later dissemination activities.

Everyone participating in a collective energy action is welcome to fill the survey and provide their valuable inputs! Answers to the survey will be anonymous unless specified otherwise. The survey takes 10 minutes to complete. The deadline for this survey is 22nd of October 2021.