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ENCLUDE at the "European Implementation Event 2023"


Our partner BinBin Pearce is going to give a keynote presentation at the European Implementation Event 2023 (EIE2023) on the 9th of June, 2023. Specifically, she will be talking about our project and its relationship to the topic of complexity, impact, and transdisciplinarity research. 

The field of implementation science – and closely related disciplines such as knowledge translation/ mobilization or improvement science – has undergone tremendous development in the past decades. The joint ambition of those involved is to make the active use of evidence the “new normal” in the everyday thinking and doing of decision-makers and others who form and shape practice and policy in health, social welfare, and education. Creating this new normal requires a strong foundation in implementation science. Creating and sustaining this new normal also calls for novel types of collaborations and partnerships, involving researchers, funders, intermediaries, practice and policy stakeholders, service users, and the public. And it requires inter- and trans-disciplinarity in implementation research. This new normal will take center stage at the EIE2023. 

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