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ENCLUDE at the "Energy, Environment and Societies in Crises"


Our partner Vanja Djinlev attended the "Energy, Environment, and Societies in Crises"  conference at the University of Trento, on the 7th of September, 2023. His presentation was concentrated on the "Multilevel impact of collective energy initiatives." The conference called for critical sociological reflections and empirical social investigations of energy transitions and changing energy systems in contexts of climate and energy emergencies, biodiversity loss, and environmental pollution crises. However, the conference moved to recognize that energy systems are connected to or implicated in multiple wider processes of change. These span health and well-being, poverty and oppression, water, food, finance and economics, and many others. This conference addressed energy as interconnected to multiple global crises, and challenges, and placed emphasis on the discussion of recovery, overcoming, metamorphosis, and cooperation amid uncertain futures.