The Changemaker's Guide to the Energy Transition - A new playbook for citizens by ENCLUDE


ENCLUDE proudly presents The Changemaker's Guide to the Energy Transition, a playbook that aims to take citizens step by step to design, implement and reflect on an initiative of their own related to the energy transition.

This is the outcome of helping citizens develop their own community energy initiatives. The approaches used in the playbook are based on an online programme, called the ENCLUDE Academy, developed as a part of the research project called ENCLUDE, as well as methods that have been used with more than 1,500 Bachelor and Masters students in Europe.

This playbook is for anyone looking to contribute to or already engaged in the energy transition. It is tailored for those interested in launching or already working on community projects related to energy and decarbonization or for civic organizations and local authorities who want to empower citizens to work together towards change.

Read the full playbook here.