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ENCLUDE Academy for Energy Citizen Leadership

The aim of the ENCLUDE Academy for Energy Citizen Leadership is to recruit and train 50 future energy citizen leaders to launch energy communities using deliberative processes in their respective communities for the purpose of decarbonization. The goal of this training is to launch a bottom-up mobilization of energy citizenship through those individuals who may be especially influential for influencing energy behaviors.

The initial pool of potential participants will be gathered based on local knowledge of consortium partners and their networks. The final selection of participants will be identified based on characteristics identified in representatives of strategic clusters of citizens who are able to mobilize change. For each participant, a few energy experts and/or decision-makers will be identified to offer support.

The training modules will be developed for both online and in-person sessions, accounting for the changing health restrictions related to the COVID situation. If online, these modules will be designed to be spread out over a period of 10 months, each module lasting for a total of two days. In between modules, trainees will be asked to operationalize the concepts in the modules in their communities. If in-person, the training will take place in two, 2.5-day sessions.

The course material will be created for easy dissemination so that future ENCLUDE energy citizen leaders can share it with members of their community as they are learning the material, creating a dissemination effect from the beginning of the training.

Stay tuned for more details and material on the ENCLUDE Academy!