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COMETS - Collective Action Models for the Energy Transition and Social Innovation

The Horizon 2020 COMETS project (2019-2022) quantifies the evolution and contribution of Collective Action Initiatives to the energy transition efforts at the EU and the national level in six countries. It aims to advance the scientific knowledge on the motives, desires, objectives and barriers of such collective action initiatives. ENCLUDE will consider results on incentives and aspirations of Collective Action Initiatives in its research design.

COMPILE - Integrating community power in energy islands

The Horizon 2020 COMPILE project (2018-2022) aims at setting up energy communities in four EU countries that have a strong focus on social innovation. A maturity framework and a set of indicators are developed within the project to assess the maturity of the communities’ governance structures. The result of this project will contribute to the understanding of external and organizational framework conditions for consolidating energy citizenship in ENCLUDE.

DECIDE - Developing Energy Communities through Informative anD collEctive actions

The Horizon 2020 DECIDE project (2020-2023) has a goal to accelerate collective energy actions and engage European end-consumers more actively in the energy market. The project aims to be a hub for EU-wide exchange of collective energy-related projects and includes pilot community energy activities in seven European countries. DECIDE will give access to a large range of EU-wide cases and empirical insights to be used in ENCLUDE

ECHOES - Energy CHOices supporting the Energy union and the Set-plan

The Horizon 2020 ECHOES project (2016-2019) analyzed individual/collective energy choices accounting for different contexts in which energy choices are made. Main factors enabling collective energy and pro-environmental choices, as well as individual and collective psychological drivers, were analyzed. ENCLUDE will build on the energy cultures framework as well as the ECHOES database.

ENABLE.EU - Enabling the Energy Union through understanding the drivers of individual and collective energy choices in Europe

The Horizon 2020 ENABLE.EU project (2016-2019) identified the key determinants of/interrelations between individual and collective energy choices and their impact on regulatory, technological and investment decisions. ENCLUDE will consider the project's results both in qualitative and quantitative assessments.

ENTRUST - Energy System Transition Through Stakeholder Activation, Education and Skills Development

The Horizon 2020 ENTRUST project (2015-2018) aimed at increasing understanding of how individuals’ behavior around energy is shaped by both technological systems and socio-demographic factors. The project's results will be important for ENCLUDE to understand the broader contextual factors in which energy citizenship emerges.

Governing Crowd-based Innovation

This project (2017-2021) explores crowd-based initiatives hoping to gain a better understanding of which forms of regulation, cooperation and supervision are needed in order to ensure that crowd-based initiatives result in socially responsible innovations that reflect public values. The result of this project will contribute to the understanding of external framework conditions for emerging and consolidating energy citizenship in ENCLUDE.

NUDGE - NUDging consumers towards enerGy Efficiency through behavioral science

The Horizon 2020 NUDGE project (2020-2023) aims to tailor the design of behavioral interventions to individual psychological and contextual variables by leveraging data collection capabilities of digital mediation Platforms and data analytics. This enables a contextual research protocol to measure the impact of the implemented behavioral interventions. NUDGE results will provide insights to ENCLUDE on the impact digital tools have on the emergence and consolidation of energy citizenship.